Yong Xing Coffeeshop

It was Sunday morning and this hawker centre was swarming with diners. There are church, wet market, supermarkets, shops, and at least 4 hawker centres around bringing the tide of people. This hawker, we noticed, was the most crowded, and we went in with the crowd.

We like spinach noodle, but those that we usually had were slightly chewy and springy in texture, similar to al-dante spaghetti. This spinach noodle ($4) was not as springy as we expected, the char siew and chilli was average too. The dumpling, surprisingly, was yummy! The fillings were not full of flour and we found a whole prawn inside each dumpling.

spinach noodle

My first reaction when I saw the fried baby squid prawn mee ($5) was 'where is the Opeh leaf?'. Apparently, they only serve it on those more than $5 size dish. There is no 'wok hei' in the noodle, Not so much the style that I like. It was supposed to be an award winning dish though.

Fried Baby Squid Prawn Mee

I wasn't planning for something fried but I saw few people at the table happily munching away you tiao. Here comes my you tiao then... Crunchy at the outside but soft within, thumbs up!


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