Many of my friends got turned off whenever I suggested an organic eating place, not to mention a vegetarian organic restaurant. I seldom visited organic restaurant as it always burn a hole in my wallet despite just a humble meal, not until I found this restaurant which sells organic food at reasonable price.

From the side this looks like any other chendol.

Instead of the 'green worm' (for the knowledge of those who had not tried this before, it is actually not a worm but just the way I like to call it due to its shape), shredded green tea agar-agar are used. The attap seed is substituted by sea coconut and for those who concern about coconut milk, no worries at all, it is soya bean milk that they use.

Can you guess what is this colorful dish? This is actually fruit rojak. Without the prawn paste, this rojak is refreshing with the use of lemon juice. 

Have you tried abacus? Not the wooden one of course. Abacus is a Hakka dish, with the dough made of yam and tapioca flour being rolled into the shape of abacus.

Eating nasi lemak can be healthy too, with brown rice and lots of veggies!

nasi lemak

Other than cooked food, they also sell biscuit, skincare products, nuts, noodles etc.. It is never too late to start eating healthy!


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