Tea time at Hong Kong Sheng Kee

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, shopping for Chinese New Year goodies was a pleasant trip, with the new year songs played in the air, cookies sampling of all my childhood favorites, and many vibrant coloured flowers, new year charms selling everywhere. To rest our tired feet, we went to Hong Kong Sheng Kee for a tea break. The restaurant was having a three desserts for the price of two promotion. 

My choice of dessert was always the cold one, especially if I wanted to feel refreshed. I was delighted to see my mango sago arrived with basil seeds on it! 

Mango Sago

This is what I usually do - find the basil seeds in every mouthful and try to bite the seeds. It was actually quite a challenge as the seeds were really small and slippery.

Mango Sago

We have two black sesame paste lovers at the table, and both of them chose yuan yang paste, which means you get to choose two flavors of paste in a bowl. There were four types of paste to choose from - red bean paste, black sesame paste, tripe wheat paste and almond paste. Below is the black and white combination, with the black being black sesame paste and white being almond paste.

Yuan Yang - black sesame & almond

And this, is the black and red combination, with the red being red bean paste. The sweetness was just nice, it doesn't make me feel guilty at all indulging in them. It seems to be a trend now to serve dessert that is not overly sweet, maybe due to the increasingly health conscious society. 

Yuan Yang - black sesame & red bean

We wanted something to munch on so we ordered yam cake for sharing. We weren't expecting much as we were there mainly for the dessert, but these yam cakes were really yummy. There were generous amount of fried shallot on top, adding the crunchy texture to every bite of the soft yam cake. Do you notice the yam cubes inside the yam cake? I prefer finding yam cubes in the cake rather than the all mashed up version. 

Yam Cake

One point to note is that there was no high chair provided in this restaurant, and the seating was a bit small, so if you bringing your little ones, be prepared to carry them throughout.


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