Marina Seafood Restaurant

Today we went to Marina Seafood Restaurant, located at Straits View Hotel, JB to attend a wedding. Half of our table was filled with kids, at first we thought that there must be many leftovers, ends up we were wrong! There were in total 8 dishes, as 8 is an auspicious number for Chinese. 

As usual, the dinner starts with cold dish - five treasure combination. No photo was taken though.

These shark lovers did not order any shark fin soup, instead, they ordered braised crab meat soup with dried scallops and dried fish maw.

Coming next, roasted chicken &3 rasa chicken combination. Not sure where does the 3 rasa coming from.

This is grilled cod fish with home made pomelo sauce. The cod fish was sliced thin, deep fried (I think) and covered in the pomelo sauce. Personally, I felt that it was a waste for cod fish to be cooked in such way as it has lost its unique tenderness.

The next dish was two variety of prawns. There were mayonnaise skin-off prawn and stir fried whole prawn. No photo was taken on this dish too.

Finally the veggies - braised mushroom with bean tendon and brocolli. Bean tendon was kind of chewy.

For those who are still hungry, this glutinous rice in lotus leaf can certainly fill your stomach.

Finally we ended the dinner with dessert - chilled sea coconut with longan.

Wishes the couple happily ever after!


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