It was almost past lunch time when we arrived at the restaurant and it was only opened half day on that particular day. We were told that they were closed.

Turned out that they couldn't resist our 5 growling stomachs, the restaurant crew kindly let us in. We were their last guests on that day.

I love this refreshing sweet and tangy drink. It is called calpis, made with fermented milk.

I think this is one of the most delicious ramen I had - Akamaru Shinaji Special. The tonkotsu broth was topped with a dollop of umami dama (special blended miso paste),  some fragrant garlic oil, and served with a few slices of pork belly.

Akamaru Shinaji - Special

Can you see the layer of fat on the pork cube? I always health consciously pick out the fat but this time... eh hem..

In order to maintain utmost quality of the food served, this restaurant neither does takeaway nor help to pack leftover food. So, be sure to bring an big empty stomach!


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