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Back in November 2013 when TheSmartLocal.com published 52 Things to do in Singapore before You Die, I find the list very interesting. It is a good thing that I have done more than half of the list, some highlighted things include places that I considered "hidden" find, such as visit to Bollywood Veggies.

Therefore, I take the list like as The Bucket List that I need to do. Good thing that upon learning that driving a supercar in Singapore make it to the list, the management of Ultimate Drive throw lucky draw for a free ride to 2 lucky followers of TSL Facebook page. And as you might guess, I am one of those winners :-)

I am so excited to be able to strike out one more item from the bucket list. When Arthur Loo, manager of Ultimate Drive, contacted me, I am faced with a difficult choice of the Prancing Horse, Ferrari F430 F1 Spider or the Raging Bull, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Seeing that the Lamborghini pack more power with its V10 5-litre engine that can reach top speed over 300 km/h, I decided to take that for a spin.

Prancing Horse & Raging Bull

Since both of these cars are convertible type, meaning the roof panel could fold away, I tried to get a late afternoon slot (5-7pm). Unfortunately that time-slots on Saturday proven to be popular with only Ferrari available at 5pm. Determined to tame the bull, I took any other available slot for Lamborghini on Saturday the 11th of January and that happens to be 12:30pm.

It's nice to find that they have black and yellow Lamborghini Gallardo. I couldn't imagine myself to drive a Lamborghini that is not black, just like a Ferrari that is not red.

Black or Yellow Bull?

After some nervous start and learn to use its transmission system (it is a hybrid of auto and manual; and it is located on the steering wheel itself), I am off to re-trace the road used for Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix (the only F1 night race in the world).

The interior of the car.
Driving off to main road (that is Ferrari on my left).

Five minutes into the drive, I regretted that I did not ask for the roof panel to be over my head. Singapore weather at 1pm is extremely hot! Apparently it is not recommended to have the roof panel transformation done while the car is on the move. I can feel the power of its engine, however I get a bit of problem to get it response to acceleration after stopping at traffic light. If you just floor the accelerator, it doesn't give you a nice response. After the drive, I learnt from Arthur that Ferrari is much more responsive than Lamborghini, and to get this bull to response well you need to know it well (the trick is not to floor the accelerator too quickly). Knowing that you can't go for high-speed in Singapore, I should have opted for the Ferrari to get a better driving experience. I only wish to drive this car at Eyre Highway of Australia instead of Nicoll Highway of Singapore.

After 15-20 minutes drive around CBD, we are back at Marina Bay Sands and I got my certificate from Mr Loo. The overall experience is nice. All the staff are very professional. It is definitely worth S$300 to experience a million dollars car (even for used one, it still cost $300-500K before the expensive COE and road-tax).

More video on the drive that is taken by the in-car camera can be found here.


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