Poison Ivy Bistro @ Bollywood Veggies

Are you aware that there are farms in Singapore? I wasn't! The Bollywood Veggies is a ten-acre farm, located at Kranji. They plant flowers, herbs and spices, fruit trees etc.. You can take a relaxing stroll in the farm while enjoying the greenery. Depending on the season, they will harvest some of their fruits or vegetables for sale on site.

Poison Ivy Bistro is located inside Bollywood Veggies, near the entrance. It has a rather rustic countryside setting.

Their menu was written on this big black board.

These were our cold lemongrass drink and hot fig tea. They were refreshing and not very sweet!

We ordered a salad - roast pumpkin with parmesan cheese and roast corn. The dressing served was mint yoghurt. Pumpkin was sweet and roasted until tender, with a hint of balsamic vinegar.

This is called warrior's chicken curry. It was not as spicy as I thought, but the sauce was thick enough to my liking. I poured it all over my rice.

Warrior's Chicken Curry

Farm minestrone soup with bread -unlike those clear soup type, the consistency of this soup is thicker than what we usually have. The bread, instead of being dipped inside the soup, I used it to wipe clean the curry sauce!

Minestrone Soup

This was the twice cooked pandan lemongrass kampong chicken, under the Ang Mo Specials. The chicken was a little too dry to my liking but the marination was flavorful. Saw few feathers left on the chicken.

Twice Cooked Pandan Lemongrass Kampong Chicken

Taste-wise, the food here is slightly above average. Experience-wise, surrounded by the greenery, away from the bustle of the city life, no wonder despite the secluded location the place was almost full house. However, a piece of plastic found in the salad and the feathers spotted on the chicken gave me an impression that the kitchen crews were not quite attentive to details.

100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026


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