Chez West

We went to Chez West again. Currently they are serving the 2nd set menu as mentioned in my previous post. We were here again because someone was craving for foei gras in this set menu!

I always enjoy their bread. It was served warm, with the crust still crispy.

The amuse bouche in petite bite size, yummy!

This was char-grilled duck foie gras with caramelized apple and petite greens. The two pieces of black triangle crisps were made with squid ink. As the foie gras was grilled instead of pan-seared, it was not crispy on the outside. Our foie gras lover was disappointed as he preferred the outer layer of foie gras to be pan fried to crisp. 

This is creamy forest mushroom with shredded Parma ham on herb toast. The soup was flavorful, served with thinly sliced toast that was baked to crisp. The slightly chewy Parma ham made a good complement to the crispy toast. 

This is the main course which I had, the pan-seared Brittany sea bream with 'eggplant' caviar and horseradish risotto. I like the interesting taste of the eggplant caviar.

The other main course was roasted pigeon with pumpkin purée, black trumpette mushroom and extra virgin olive oil. The pigeon was cooked to medium doneness.

At last, the dessert. It was almond sponge cake with cherry compote and vanilla ice cream. They were very kind to give a complementary dessert to our accompanying guest.

Can you believe that all these are just at the price of $25? If you would like to try, please be reminded that reservation is compulsory. I guess that is to ensure sufficient preparation time for the students, as well as to maintain quality of the food served to you!


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