Salad Stop!

There were many lunch choices here at City Link, somehow we felt the need of turning 'green' (hulk?) today.

Iron 'wo' man ($13.3)
I am strong to the finich, cause I eat my spinach....This bowl was full of greens with the goodness from baby spinach. We added $1.5 for additional chicken. Feta cheese, roasted pumpkin... all my favorite in one bowl. All ingredients were cut into bite size which made it easy for us to eat without looking like cows. The dressing for this salad was raspberry vinaigrette, refreshing!

Rimba samba ($11.8)
This one was more fruity, with mango and pomelo inside. It was colorful with the ingredients such as the carrots, mango, lentil, and pumpkin. This was my first time having a quinoa patties too and I found the texture interesting - kind of sandy I think. 

B1-13, One Raffles Link
City Link Mall Singapore 039393


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