Dian Xiao Er

Sometimes, we called the service staff 'xiao er', just to see if they respond to us. 

So, the 'xiao er' told us that ducklings are their specialties. They offered 3 different flavors - Angelica herbs, ten wonder herbs, and wild ginseng. 

Duck roasted with Angelica herbs ($25.3)
Among the 3 flavors, this is the one we like most and kept coming back for. As far as I know, cheap Angelica can be very bitter; those sweeter type, which usually being used in the confinement food, are expensive. I wasn't sure which type of Angelica they used, but the herbs tasted strong without being bitter, which is why we adore it so much. Those crispy skin, yum yum...

Homemade wheatgrass tofu ($12.6)
This green color tofu got the color from wheatgrass extract. If you don't like the taste of wheatgrass, don't worry, the wheatgrass doesn't taste very strong. The tofu was silky soft and goes well with the seafood.

Chinese spinach in superior stock ($12.6)
With the conpoy, ikan bilis and wolf berries, the stock tasted superb yet healthy. Greens are good for your health!

Fried rice with seafood and xo sauce ($11.3)
We ordered a small portion for sharing. The fried rice was mildly spicy, had enough wok hei and it tasted fragrant. I spotted some tauge too. Who wants a bowl of it?

21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4,
#B1-32/33, Lot One,
Singapore 689812


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