It had been a while since I last set foot in Orchard, I had been busy staying at home, experimenting on cakes, dessert, until my weighing scale started to shout for mercy...

I like Gindaco, they are famous for their tako yaki, with the skin was so crispy yet the inside part remain soft and kind of, creamy. Gindaco used to have a branch in Jurong Point, but they didn't seems to do well there, so the tako yaki was left sitting there, waiting for the customer while slowly losing its crispiness. That's it, once it lost its crispiness, there is nothing special about it. Eventually, that branch closed down. However, the other branch in ION Orchard seems to flourish well. Now they even provide seating for their customers.

I love watching how the tako yaki being made. You can tell very easily how experience are the staff by watching how they turn the tako yaki.

Last time, they used to hire more staff, four or five of them standing in a row busy turning the tako yaki, in a very familiar and fast motion. This time, only two person was making the tako yaki, I guess they were rather new.

It was a long wait...

I was quite worried about how the tako yaki will turn out. However, it was a relief, the tako yaki still taste pretty much the same. Mom who only wanted a bite ends up having one whole!


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