Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant

There were John Little fair, Malay wedding fair, Body Shop fair, baby fair... Do you know where am I talking about? So clever, it is Expo!

I was looking for a restaurant in Expo which I visited 2 years ago, I really missed their lasagna. Then I realised that the restaurant had been replaced by a Japanese restaurant - Akai Fune.

Nankontsu hakata tonkotsu ramen ($14.9)
So instead of lasagne, I had ramen. They boast of their creamy pork bone broth which had been boiled for over 15 hours. I am not sure about 'creamy', but the soup was so thick that it form a thin layer of film on top. It was really delicious, I got full already just by drinking the soup. However, if you are looking for softbones as soft as jelly, you might be disappointed. 

Nankontsu hakata tonkotsu ramen

Chashu Sapporo miso butter ramen ($15.9)
The miso broth was made up of pork bone broth, red miso and butter. The broth was equally heavy, and more flavorful with the fragrance of the butter. The chashu was thinly sliced, well seasoned with a hint of smoky flavor. I couldn't get enough of this.

Chashu Sapporo miso butter ramen

I heard that the straight noodles used for their ramen was imported from Japan. When fine ingredients meet fine chef, delicious food were made, and happy me I am!

Teriyaki Tori Don ($9.9)
Friend's order. I didn't get to try this, but she finished it with a happy face!

Teriyaki Tori Don

The presentation of food might not be the best, but those ramen here were one of the best that I have tried. If you enjoy thick broth like me, pay them a visit, you won't regret it!

#01-31, 1 Expo Drive (outside Hall 3)


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