Sapore Italiano

Do you recall those school days we had, staying up late, hanging out with friends in canteen, restaurant, enjoying meals at an attractive subsidized rate?

It had been quite a while since my last visit to NUS. Then, DG told me that at the University Town Hall, you get to enjoy Italian food at a real good deal. I kind of miss the school days too, so why not?

Our appetizer was Caprese ($11.9). This is the classical food presentation of this dish - slices of tomatoes and fresh mozarella cheese arranged in alternating fashion, sprinkled with chopped basil.


This healthy stew of mixed vegetables and parma ham is called ribollita toscana ($11.90). Despite its look, it was actually quite tasty, but filling too.

Call me cheesy, the gorgonzola sauce on the gnocchi algorgonzola ($10.9) just wasn't up to my 'cheesy' expectation. This is when the parmesan cheese came to the rescue. 

When our filetto alla tartufato ($25.9) arrived, we finally realised our mistake - both main dishes were in cream sauce! Don't get me wrong, the sauce was nice, the truffle was not overpowering and the herbs used were ample. But, the cream certainly isn't easy on the stomach.

We were full but still couldn't resist the temptation to order a dessert. They ran out of their signature Tiramisu Si and the waiter recommended this cake of the day ($5). It was a tad dry and hard, and filling too. This cake was the only food that we had leftover on the table.

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri ($7.5), a sweet and sour mix blended. It was refreshing and just the right drink to accompany our creamy main dishes.

Cheers, where else can you find a $3.9 per glass red wine?


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