Lee's Taiwanese

Lee's Taiwanese was first opened in Star Vista. Soon after that, their second outlet emerged in JEM, merely a year apart. This restaurant is not easily missed with its characteristic red lantern hanging down from all over the ceiling, bearing resemblance of Taiwanese night market.

Lee's Taiwanese

Taiwanese Beef Noodle ($14)
One of the food that I almost never failed to order in Taiwanese restaurant is beef noodle. A year ago I didn't even like to eat beef but now I am drooling over every single delish looking beef noodle.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle

At Lee Taiwanese, the noodle used is the thick flat type, similar to the noodle used for dark-sauce Hokkien Mee. The thickness and fullness of the noodle was just right, with generous servings of tender beef slices laying on top of the noodle. Soup-wise, it was a normal one. Overall, I felt that the price leaning on steep side judging from the taste.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Salt & Pepper Chicken ($6.90)
I was expecting something like pop corn chicken but it proved me wrong. The chicken cubes were bigger than that of pop corn chicken. Encapsulating within the crispy fried flour were the juicy chunks of meat. The seasoning was done well, not too salty but still had its fragrant.

Salt & Pepper Chicken

Snow Bean Curd ($3.8)
The beancurd was not as soft as what we usually had, it was actually kind of ...bouncy.

Snow Bean Curd

Baby bak choy ($4.8)
The bak choy was served with pork belly, quite a new combination to me. The pork belly had been braised so it was rather tasty.

Baby bak choy


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