363 Katong Laksa

I had a craving for English muffin, you know, the type of bread that McDonald use for their sausage McMuffin. I missed the time when I would simply grabbed a English muffin with egg from the school canteen while on my way for early lectures. Somehow, English muffin is not a common item sold in supermarket, only a selected few carry it. Consider me lucky, I found a list of places carrying English muffin.

We bought few packets, some to be frozen for future uses. When I feel like eating it, I would simply thaw it to the room temperature and enjoy it as it is.

Mission accomplished, we settled for lunch at the nearby 363 Katong Laksa.

The restaurant had adopted a fully computerized ordering system. First, you place your order using the computer. Then, you take along with you a round device which beeps and lights up when your food is ready for self-collection.

Katong laksa ($4)
Although it was a hot day, we decided to bring the heat to the next level by having their laksa. My laksa cost $4. Despite its plain and simple look, the smell is tempting enough to get you dive right in. The laksa came with prawns, fish cakes, bean sprout, and laksa leaves (yes, I asked for no cockles. I can either choose to please my stomach or my taste bud, in this case my choice was the former one). The laksa tasted fragrant, there were ample laksa leaves, which I love. I strongly recommend you to add some sambal for that extra kick, it wasn't that spicy, at least to me.


That said, I still ordered a drink just in case....

Nasi lemak wing set ($3.3)
This is a standard nasi lemak set, it came with fried chicken wing, omelette, anchovies and peanuts. The anchovies were somewhere between crispy and chewy, certainly not the best that I have had.

Nasi lemak wing set

Customized nasi lemak ($5.4)
We customize ordered this one.  It had been quite a while since my last visit here. Somehow, the nasi lemak that we remembered had a more fragrant coconut milk taste. It was either that the chef was not in the right mood that particular day or their quality deteriorated. I saw another customer barely took a few bites and left the table.

Customized nasi lemak

Next time, we would just play safe. stick to their laksa and you will do just fine!


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