Surabaya Trip - Taman Safari 2

Here we come Taman Safari! Over here, we were the one in cage (car) and the animals were up and about. I was so excited to find out that I can get to see the animals while staying inside the car. Haha.. OK, i know I am a lazy bump...

The first to greet us was llama.

Hello hairy buddy!

The bear totally ignored us.

Here we were advised not to wind down the window and not to alight from the car.

Shhh... Don't let them notice us, or else...

This lion is a little old man already.

Hello there!


When you happy and you know it clap your hand, clap clap!

Yum yum... So many cars queuing to give me food.

Where are my mates?

Don't be fooled by my body size, I am actually very agile.

Look at me, I got a shelter.

Lazying around...

Can you count how many mountain goats are there?

Peeping ... Any food for me?

They kind of looked like smiling, don't you think so?

A flood? Actually, nope. This was the pathway for hippo to swim across to the other side. Can you spot the hippo in the water?

Good food is best shared, right?

The End


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