Reunion Dinner

Chinese New Year eve is a time when the family members come together to celebrate and to have reunion dinner. It is usually a feast as having leftover is a symbol of having prosperous years ahead. As for us, it is really tedious to prepare every single dish on our own, hence some of the dishes were packed from the restaurants.

Our first Yu Sheng of the year - this one flew all the way from Singapore, except for the added shredded carrot.

Yu Sheng

The word 'fish' shares the same pronunciation with yu from the Chinese greeting nian nian you yu, which means abundance through the year. Probably that's why, be it big fish or small fish, but we never failed to have fish at the table for our reunion dinner.

Totally adore this fish, the sambal was rich in flavor, similar to the sambal used on BBQ stingray.

Sambal Fish

Prawn - which sounds like laughing in Cantonese (har), symbolizing happiness. These fresh prawns were deep fried and served with homemade fruit mayonnaise. The sweet and sour taste from the fruit gave a fresh scent to the creamy mayonnaise.

Fruit Mayonnaise

Our staple - Pineapple fried rice. This one was packed from a Thai restaurant, tasted really good.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Braised pork with mushroom. Love the wrinkled puff up skin of the pork? Try this, it absorbed all the flavors from the sauce.

Braised Pork With Mushroom

Oops... we were supposed to contribute some broccoli for this mixed vegetable dish.

Mixed Vegetable

Roasted duck, packed from restaurant too. We need to place order way before Chinese New Year or else we would not be able to purchase it on the spot.

Roasted Duck

Actually, there was another staple - stir-fried tang hoon. Sorry, you might just have to imagine how it looked like.

Wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!


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