Bye bye Surabaya and here we come Singapore! It was an early flight, we arrived just in time for brunch at Changi Airport. We were really exhausted, so we decided to give ourselves an energy boost at Saboten, which is located at Terminal one.

Saboten rolled up breakfast menu which they serve until 11am. When we arrived at the restaurant, it was almost 11am so we hurriedly place order for this chicken katsu sandwhich (part of the breakfast menu).

We were provided with this wooden stick and sesame seeds. Some pounding exercise before meal.

   Sesame Seeds

This Irodori combo meal ($28) was interesting, you get to choose which katsu goes into your plate. My choice was: main dish - mentai tenderloin, sub-side dish - asparagus cheese roll, side-dishes - ratatouille katsu and mini cheese katsu. Among these, my personal favorite was the ratatouille one. Yum yum.

This was Irodori curry ($23). The breadcrumbs outside the katsu was fried to perfect crisp while the meat remained tender juicy in the inside. The curry gravy was fine. After all the spicy food in Indonesia, this sweet curry barely tickled our tongues.

Irodori curry

Together with the tonkatsu they served shredded cabbage. It can be enjoyed with yuzu dressing or sesame dressing. The best part is, the cabbage is refillable. We love shredded cabbage, and it is not surprising if you see any one of us alone finishing off this gigantic bowl of cabbage. It was so refreshing, especially after eating the katsu, it kind of cleansed our tongue from the oiliness.

Shredded Cabbage

We love the katsu here; service-wise, we thought there are still rooms for improvement.


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