Surabaya Trip - Selera Suroboyo

If you want to try a variety of East Java food but you only have an afternoon to spare, this is one of the places you can go. You get to try many famous food under this single roof.

Selera Suroboyo

I didn't really know what is nice here, so just let the local decide while I sit back and waiting for the food to be served.

This is soto ayam biasa ($2.1) from Soto Ayam Ambengan (Pak Sadi Asli). The brownish flakes floating on the soup is a kind of shredded keropok. You can ask for more to add an extra crunch to your soup. This soup is better than any soto ayam that I had ever tried.

soto ayam biasa

It was a love at first sip. The broth was so rich and flavorful, and it left a pleasant after-taste in your mouth. If you are a soto fan like me, you would wish that you have a spare stomach with you. The bowl was almost wiped clean, we made sure nothing left wasted.

soto ayam biasa

Semanggi Suroboyo ($1.1) - some vegetables served with sweet peanut sauce. Not so fancy about this dish.

Semanggi Suroboyo

Although looked similar, this satay ayam is different with those we have in Singapore. The marination is sweet, the choice of meat is lean, and the sauce tasted different too.


The last to come was nasi gudeg, it was served with taupok and chicken. Gudeg is a sweet stew made of nangka (jack fruit), sugar, coconut milk and some other spices. Although it looked boring, it was actually quite tasty.

In Surabaya, we almost eating non-stop. I wonder how much weight I have gained already...

Jl. Jenderal Basuki Rahmat No. 8-12
Tunjungan Plaza III, Lt.5


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