Surabaya Trip - Shihlin

I know you must be shaking head, why eat Shihlin in Indonesia among all the good local food? 

Can you tell the difference between this chicken cutlet with the one sold by Shihlin in Singapore? You are right, it is the seaweed. It reminds me of the seaweed shaker fries by McDonald, only to replace the fries with chicken cutlet.

Shilin Chicken Cutlet

You can't find this in Singapore right? Of course, you can always save a packet of seaweed from your shaker fries and use it on your Shihlin chicken cutlet instead.

And did I forget to mention? They also offer BBQ taste and original taste. The original taste is similar to the one we have in Singapore, but with three levels of spiciness for you to choose from. 

Our peach green tea, sweeeet.....

Futami Peach Green Tea


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