Surabaya trip - Rawon

Where can you find the best rawon in town? Sorry, it is not for sale. This rawon was specially made by our helper of more than 10 years. 


The rawon paste was made of more than 20 spices. Without even seeing it, the distinct smell lingering in the air already betrayed its presence, I knew that my favorite dish was cooking in progress.

The hard work of peeling, cutting, and grinding the ingredients, with constant stirring of the paste fearing the paste get charred, this dish doesn't come to our bowl easily. Did you catch a glimpse of the busy hand stirring the paste?


The newly sprouted tauge head, often being left out in Singapore restaurant, added a refreshing crunch to the soup. Without it the soup just isn't complete.


Certainly have to bring some paste back to Singapore. Hehe..


If you know me, I might spare you a bowl. *wink


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