Surabaya Trip - Leko

Indonesia is really the best place for spicy food lovers. In most of the restaurants, you get to choose the spiciness level of the food. They even have sambal that is rated non-spicy!


We had so much spicy food during our Surabaya trip and our stomachs finally started to complain. To sooth our over-stimulated stomachs, we ordered this sup buntut a.k.a. oxtail soup. Who knews, even this innocent looking soup can be real spicy too.

sup buntut

Cah kangkong, stir-fried with chilli. Just avoid biting the chilli and you should do just fine.

Cah kangkong

Finally something not spicy - sate iga hotplate. I thought I should limit myself to one piece but I just couldn't stop my hand to grab more. The iga was grilled with sweet soya that glazed into caramelized crust under the heat. The meat was juicy tender and finger`licking good.

Sate Iga Hotplate

Just be careful don't bite your finger k?

Jl. HR Muhammad
Ruko Surya Inti B-2


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