Churros - With or Without Egg?

I have read some debates as to whether we should add eggs when making churros. Personally, I had tried Churros a couple of times, in US. And I too, would love to find out just how to make it the way I had it.

NATO (no action talk only) is surely not my style. Hence, driven by curiosity,  I decided to make two batches of dough, one with egg, another one without, for comparison sake. Based on my memory, I am going to choose the one that shares the most similarity in terms of taste and texture with those that I had in US.

In order to make a clearer comparison, the photos taken below are the churros before any coatings. Those on the left of the picture are from the dough with egg. They are more yellowish in color. When frying the churros, those with eggs release more fragrant aroma compared to those without.

churros with and without egg

In terms of texture, churros with eggs are rather fluffy and soft to the bites, as you can see from the picture below. Taste-wise, they were 'eggy', and I have to admit that they tasted far from the churros that I had in US. Churros that I remember, were crispy and slightly chewy rather than fluffy.

churros with and without egg

Overall, the eggless churros not only tasted closer to those I had before, it is more appealing to my palate too. However, those are just my personal view. Let me know what do you think!

And just in case you are wondering, below is the piping tips suitable for use for piping churros.

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  2. I’m allergic to egg and for my whole life I thought churros had eggs and I always wanted a churro. When I finally realized churros didn’t have eggs I was over the moon. This is just my opinion, but I hope people don’t start making churros with eggs, or maybe label them as “contains eggs” if they do.


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