Surabaya Trip - Malioboro

This was our last meal in this Surabaya trip. To make it memorable, we had our sumptuous dinner at Malioboro. This place is famous for their pressure cooked style food and don't be surprise that even bones can be eaten! I love every single dish at the table, you can imagine how gluttonous I was. 

Bandeng Presto Dalam Sarang (Rp 35,000)
The bandeng fish was first cooked under high pressure, and then deep fried while fully encapsulated in this cocoon shaped fritters.

Bandeng Presto Dalam Sarang

It was sooo good. We once packed it back to Singapore but it didn't taste as good after being reheated. Fresh is always better. The meat was not the soft and tender type, but it was not too dried up either. It crumbled easily in the mouth and it was a flavour burst in every single bite.

Bandeng Presto Dalam Sarang

Cah Tauge Ikan Asin (Rp 19,500)

Cah Tauge Ikan Asin

Sambal Goreng Teri Pete (Rp 19,500)
I don't really mind the petai smell, in fact, I love it!

Sambal Goreng Teri Pete

Sup Gurami (Rp 45,000)
For the sake of 4 little ones at the table, we ordered this fish soup. It was a simple, decent dish, and of course, non-spicy.

Sup Gurami

Ayam Presto Cabe Merah (Rp 20,000)
The high pressure cooked chicken was tossed in red chilli, it was a super spicy dish. I only took a bite and passed it on.

Ayam Presto Cabe Merah
Ayam Presto Rica-Rica (Rp 20,000)
Rica-rica is a kind of sambal too, although the sauce looked rather red, it was actually not as spicy as the ayam presto cabe merah

Ayam Presto Rica-Rica

Ayam Presto Telur Asin (Rp 20,000)
This was no doubt my favorite high pressure cooked chicken in salted egg sauce. It was such a sinful yet irresistible dish. The salted egg sauce was creamy with the light sandy texture from the egg yolks. I wonder how many egg yolks had went into this rich-in-flavor and finger-licking good sauce.

Ayam Presto Telur Asin

Tahu Telor (Rp 22,000)
The tahu was mashed and stir fried with egg, paired with sweet dark gravy.

Tahu Telor

Cah Kangkung Polos (Rp 18,000)
Some greens after all the protein feed.

Cah Kangkung Polos

After returning to Singapore, I learn't that there is a branch of Malioboro opened in Jurong Point. Now that my favorite food aren't that far anymore, I can satisfy my cravings for Malioboro chicken anytime I like!

Jl RA Kartini 
No 47 Surabaya

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