Al-Ahamed Power Prata & Spicy Nasi Lemak

Which one more powerful, prata or nasi lemak? We were here to find out! Phil told us that this place sells super spicy nasi lemak. Our curiosity, together with the power of the prata, drew us like a magnet to their restaurant!

Located along Jalan Jurong Kechil, this place is not easily missed with its eye-catching burning flame image as the background of their signage board.

The interior was pretty much kampung style, non-pretentious and easily make you feel home. Although the place wasn't crowded, we waited quite a while for our menu and food to be served.

Al-Ahamed Power Prata & Spicy Nasi Lemak

Just as we were wondering if we should nudge them to get our food out faster, my prata was served. There were two huge pieces of prata, one with egg and another one plain. I usually prefer plain one as I find it more crispy. However, the prata here were just like its name suggests, powerful, even the egg prata was crunchy!

Chicken Rendang Prata Set

My prata was served with chicken rendang ($6.5). We love the fragrant from the galangal and lemongrass. The gravy just isn't enough for the 2 huge prata.

Chicken Rendang Prata Set

This is jumbo set ($7.5), with the nasi lemak sitting on the omelette. Other than that, nothing really special about this dish.

Jumbo Set

We find this sambal squid set ($6) worth every single cents, the nasi lemak was served with chicken wing, fish, squid, egg, peanuts and cucumber. I think this set is clearly more sumptuous than the jumbo set.

Sambal Squid Set

Curry fish head was on promotion ($9.9) so we ordered one too. I was digging through the gravy but couldn't find my favorite lady's finger, disappointed... The curry gravy was infused with many herbs and spices, rendering a taste similar to Indian style curry.

Curry Fish Head

The food here wasn't as spicy as we thought of. We heard that they might have toned down the spiciness level to suit the taste buds of general public. Hmm... I wonder if we could place special order to have a glimpse of their super spicy nasi lemak again!

102C Jalan Jurong Kechil


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