Surabaya - Bu Rudy

Our first meal in Surabaya!

After the 2 hours flight, it was just about lunch time.

Bu Rudy is famous for their super spicy sambal and the crispy fried prawn. Small prawns were used, and the prawns' shell crumbled easily in every bite, as though you are biting keropok.

Bu Rudy Sambal

Bu Rudy Crispy Prawn

We had nasi ayam bumbu rujak (rujak sauce chicken rice). Although sound similar, this rujak sauce is nothing like the Singapore rojak. It is actually some kind of spicy sauce, all I can see in the sauce was chilli, chilli seed, and chili skin. The vegetable dish is called urap-urap, where vegetables were steamed and mixed with serunding (spiced grated coconut).

Nasi Ayam Bumbu Rujak

This was nasi udang spesial Bu Rudy (Bu Rudy special prawn rice), with lots of crispy prawn and crispy bits. That little round ball covered in chilli was egg - kampong chicken egg to be precise. It looks petite, right? We seldom see kampong chicken or kampong chicken egg being served in Singapore restaurant, but it is quite a norm in Indonesia. 

Nasi Udang Spesial Bu Rudy

Can you guess what were the content of those boxes stacking in front of the restaurant? You are right, those boxes were filled with crispy prawn! Some crispy prawn fan bought them all.

Bu Rudy

You can surely tell how popular they are by looking at the order they received. We wanted to buy some but we were told that the prawns were fried fresh everyday, so better buy right before we leave.

Jl. Raya Kupang Indah 
No 31 Surabaya Barat 60255


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