Surabaya Trip - Miraza

We were on our way to Taman Safari 2 and stopped by Miraza for a break. 

This is ote-ote. It was deep fried; with seaweed, oysters, vegetables and meat as fillings. So flavorful in each bite. The skin was really thin and the fillings was moist and more than ample.


But, dad didn't like too much fillings, kept digging out the filling for us, so we had an extra thick ote-ote. Yum yum...


This is Hi Wan, a.k.a. Fuzhou fisball, the one with meat filling. The fish balls were lack of bouncy texture, and the chilli that came with the fish ball was in artificially red color (in fact, not just this shop, but most of the chili sauce we saw here were in such red color). Mom and dad kept telling us how much better the Singapore version is.

Hi Wan

Our drink - assam jawa drink and teh kotak. 

Asam Jawa Drink and Teh Kotak

This was our takeaway, tempe chips. I didn't plan to take photo of it because I thought it look rather simple and plain. Turned out, the chips was really addictive and fragrant with the use of many herbs. Ahem, don't judge the food by its look, a simple lesson learnt here.

Tempe Chips

Jl. Raya Kasri 49 Pandaan


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