The Three Little Pigs Lah

Are you familiar with Singlish, colloquial Singaporean English, or you have never heard of it before? Singlish is not an official language, but it is the standard English under the influences of other languages used by the major ethnicities in Singapore i.e. the Malay, Chinese and Indian. Singlish is commonly used in Singapore but it is generally regarded with low prestige and is strongly discouraged by the government on its usage.

To some it is a broken language, others a unique blend of languages full of colors and spice, what is your take on this?

How about reiterate your childhood story ' The Three Little Pigs' in the Singlish version? 

Here is a sneak peek of the book :

A fun book to read indeed!

Today is Friday and weekend is coming, shiok ah! So, relax lah, don't overwork yourself. Go have some fun tonight and enjoy your weekend!

Shiok ah -showing great satisfaction
Lah - an expression that punctuate almost any sentence


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