Malaysia Boleh! @ Jurong Point

Malaysia Boleh! litereally translates to Malaysia can do it!. The slogan portrays the Malaysian's spirit to endure, pursue and excel. A foodcourt, naming after this popular slogan, is located at JP2, #03-129. The foodcourt was decorated in an old heritage setting, resembling the Malaysia Food Street at the Resort World Sentosa. You can find various Malaysia specialities here such as the chicken rice, Hokkien Mee, Penang Laksa etc.

The Penang Fried Kway Teow stall was always crowded with long queue. Today we had finally made up our mind to try it no matter what. Since we had queued for so long, we ordered the biggest portion. It is the kiasu mentality at work, lol.

Ham and lak chiong they have none. Instead, there are many prawns and tow-ge. I don't like ham, so I am totally happy with the food. Considering the price, this is quite a good deal.

This is the Malaysia version of Hokkien Mee- thick noodle stir-fried in dark sauce, with lots of lard. It is very unhealthy, but it tastes good.

This is Hainanese chicken rice, the chicken looks very tender and juicy.

This place is always very crowded, so make sure you bring some friends to chop seat for you (It is the kiasu mentality at work again, lol)!


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