Chez West @ ITE College West

This is the newly renovated Chez West restaurant, located at ITE College West. Who are the chefs? You are right, they are the Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts with Restaurant Management students. This is part of their second year A La Carte cooking module. Lets see what are they up to!

The warm lighting, along with a nice flower decoration on the table create a cosy dining ambience.

The bread was free flow throughout the meal.

Smoked Salmon with Cheese and Mango Chutney. I always like smoked salmon, especially with cheese. The mango chutney added a hint of sweetness to the salty dish and kick it up a notch.

Duck Rillettes with Cornichons, Finger Bread Brioche and Honey Dates Salad. Instead of mashing the meat to a creamy texture, the duck meat was finely peeled so that we are still able to enjoy the texture of the meat . The rillettes is actually very addictive, I wish I have more bread to go with it. The bread, baked to a golden finish, crunchy on the teeth and melt in the mouth.

Butternut Squash with Smoked Seared Scallop and Vanilla Oil. The vanilla infused olive oil gives a sweet, subtle vanilla flavour to the soup. The scallop, pan seared to golden brown on the outside, still retained its slight chewy texture inside. 

Slow Baked Cod Fish with Braised Lettuce, Barley Pilaf and Truffle Almond Milk. An interesting combination of ingredients. The side dish was baked tomato with thyme and bacon with lettuce. Although the fish, barley, asparagus and side dish are all delicious on their own, each has its strong flavour that trying to overpower each other. This dish is on a saltier side too.

Marinated Beef Flank with Burgundy Oxtail Ravioli and Onion Marmalade. This one was ordered by a friend who loves to have everything to go with chilli sauce. I know, we tried to stop him, we really did...

Crunchy Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake with Berry Compote and Pistachio Ice Cream. The refreshing raspberry jam, sandwiched by the sweet chocolate mousse, wrapped in the bitter sweet dark chocolate and crowned with a fresh raspberry. As the name suggests, the classy crunch was created by adding feuilletine praline to the soft mousse cake.

The chef and students are preparing two set menus for lunch and dinner. The above was the 4-course dinner costing $25, serving from 9 Dec to 20 Dec 2013. The next set menu will be served from 6 Jan to 17 Jan 2014. 


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