Dong Zhi - Winter Solstice Festival

Today is Dong Zhi (冬至), or Winter Solstice Festival. My mom always tells me that I grow a year older during Dong Zhi, she says that too during Chinese New Year and on my birthday. That makes me wonder, I grow three years older in a year??

That aside, Dong Zhi is one of the most important festival in Chinese Calender. It literally means 'Arrival of Winter' (冬-winter, 至- arrival), a time when farmers celebrate their harvest. It falls on the day with the longest night time/ shortest day time and it marks a turning point to welcome more daylight. It is also a family get together time and Tang Yuan (sweet glutinous rice balls), which symbolize reunion, are usually served.

These are Tang Yuan with black sesame fillings in sweet ginger pandan broth. 

These are the original (white color)  and special pandan (green color) and pumpkin (orange color) Tang Yuan, made with 100% natural pandan juice and pumpkin puree, 0% artificial coloring.

Have you had yours today?


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