Osaka Ohsho

We were patronising the newly opened Westgate at Jurong East and were looking for something to fill our growling stomach. Osaka Ohsho, which translate to 'The King of Gyoza in Osaka' caught our eyes. We saw this chain of restaurant during our trip to Japan but we were not in time to try it.

As we were ushered to our seat, we were greeted with loud irrashyaimase from the service staff. For those of you who wondered what are they shouting about, it means 'welcome'. 

The restaurant adopt the self-ordering system using iPad. However, they still provide both the physical and digital copy of menu. With the iPad, your orders can be placed, just within few clicks, and you will be able to view the total amount spent on the food ordered.

This is the appetiser we ordered -the mix 3, from left - chuka wakame, baby octopus and chuka hotate.

Mix 3

As the restaurant name suggests, gyoza is their signature dish. The gyoza was pan fried to golden brown crisp at the bottom while remain tender on the top (they usually display the crisp-bottom facing up). The succulent fillings were packed with flavours from the cabbage, ginger, garlic and pork. It makes a perfect nibble. I ate the whole plate of gyoza by myself.


This is Fuwatoro Chicken Tenshin Han. It kind of reminds me of mui fan in Chinese cuisine. I am not a fan of mui fan so I kept my expectation low for this dish. 

Fuwatoro Chicken Tenshin Han

As I dug in to the dome of egg, I was taken by surprise, a pleasant one though. The egg on top was so thick and fluffy and the rice was soaked in savoury broth. We sprinkled some shichimi togarashi (seven flavor chili pepper) on the egg to add a tad of spiciness. 

Fuwatoro Chicken Tenshin Han

This is fried chicken, ordered by a friend.

Fried Chicken

This is the egg soup accompanying the set meal. It has a hint of ginseng taste.

Egg Soup

What else can I say? Totemo Umai desu!


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