Just Like It - Ice Cream Giveaway

Would you like to have some free ice-cream? It is right here, at Just Like it! @ Westgate.

Simply like their Facebook page and show it to them, it is just that simple. It is kind of ironic though, there was no queue when I redeemed my free ice-cream, whereas another ice-cream shop which was  having a 1 for 1 promotion was filled with long queue. I almost missed this huge standing poster too.

Usually, if you purchase ice-cream from them, they will make your ice-cream on the spot, right before you, by mixing the liquid ice cream with liquid nitrogen and whisk till frozen. They claim their ice-cream to be 0% stabilisers, 0% additives, 0% colouring and 100% natural. The service crews are all dressed up in lab coat, and the whole ice-cream making process looks like an experiment in chemical lab. It is quite a visual pleasure to watch your ice-cream made right before your eyes.

This tank is filled with liquid nitrogen.

Meanwhile when they are giving away free ice cream, they store the ice-cream in tubs (usually, you will not see tubs in their shops as all the ice-cream are freshly made).  There were various flavours to choose from, rum raisin, hazelnut, mint and many others. This was my free mint ice-cream.

I am not sure how long will the giveaway last, so hurry up and pay them a visit!


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