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With two toddlers at home, and one more baby to come, time (and strength especially) is really precious to me. I have long started ordering my groceries online. It is so convenient, with just a few clicks on my handphone, the groceries get delivered to me the next day. Searching for an item would simply means typing out the word and click 'search'. I can do it while lying on the bed, soothing my toddlers to sleep, instead of roaming around physically looking for the items. And of course, no more lugging the items back home after the purchase.

Now, buying fruits online is a new venture for me. Unlike groceries, I like to visually examine my fruits, touch them, and sometimes even smell them before I buy.

When I learnt about Lazyfruits- online fresh fruits shopping & delivery, I was skeptical at first but at the same time tempted to try it out. After all, despite my love for giant-sized fruits like watermelon and honeydew, I seldom buy them due to their size and weight. Now they can all be delivered to my doorstep, so why not?


I find ordering fruits from Lazyfruits really simple, although there is no apps available, I have no problem placing my order using simply a mobile phone. In fact, I placed my order during a bus ride to a farmer's market. Payment-wise, I can choose to pay by cash or by credit card, really flexible. 

The fruits selection are great, with vast varieties ranging from seasonal/premium fruits like French melon, muskmelon, pomegranate, soursop and custard apple, to common fruits like apples, pears, oranges and bananas. There are also bundle deals and promotion available for selected fruits. Although not in wide selection, they do sell cut fruits for fruits like guava, pineapple and rose apple.

Now, look at all my loots! The fruits are packed neatly in a box with protection sleeves when delivered.

I purposely chose a few fragile fruits like blueberries, strawberries and Kiwiberies to see how it goes. Those are the fruits easily get moldy and squashed which I pay extra attention even when buying from high end supermarket. Now I must say I am impressed, because all of them are plump, fresh and really sweet. Those are one of the best blueberries that I have bought in fact. Turned out that they actually double checked the condition of the fruits before delivery to ensure that the customers receive their fruits at its best.

Although they might be relatively new in the online shopping platform, but do not mistaken them for a new player in fruits industry. Lazyfruits is in fact, a sister company of the more-than-30-years-old family-run fruit supply and retail businesses Chop Chin Yong and Lim Tean Lye.         

The minimum purchase is $40 and if you wish to get your fruits delivered for free, a minimum order of $68 is required. While it sounds like a lot of fruits, there are many creative ways to eat your fruits, e.g. juice them or make them into other delicacies like fruit tarts and Hokkaido cupcakes!

Some more photos of my loots. I was hoping to get soursop but too bad it was out of stock during the time of order. Bought custard apple instead. Sweet!

It has been a while since I last tasted a melon this sweet. The French melon (the honey dew look-alike fruit that has green stripes on it) tasted simply awesome, almost like the honeydew I had in Japan which I missed so much. And look, there is a giant heart shape watermelon!

Really love the yellowish-orange hue on the watermelon!

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