Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Plaza Review

It had been a while since my last post, I was on a short trip to Jakarta and there is something that I simply can't wait to share with you!

Before the journey, I was very much looking forward to greet the Jakarta malls after hearing raving review about how magnificent their malls are. Erm... I have to admit that I was rather disappointed. Well, the malls are huge, but the shops are pretty much similar to those in Singapore. LV, Coach, Prada... With so many branded shops around we ended up mostly having fun window shopping. What to do, monthly allowance not enough, hint hint...

So the malls aren't impressive, what am I so excited about? There there...The highlight of the trip is the hotel!

This was my first time stay with Ritz-Carlton and I think it is super AWESOME!

First I have to declare this post is not sponsored at all. Simply a post to share my delightful experience.

Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place is located on the Golden Triangle of Jalan Sudirman, the central business district. It is connected to Pacific Place, a high class shopping mall completed with supermarket, fashion outlets, restaurants, children playground, ATM, cinema and even Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Upon arrival we were expecting the norm so we were looking for the 'counter' to check in. To our surprise, there is no check-in counter and we were escorted straight to our room! How about the check-in? Well it was done while the kids were running around exploring the room and the adults were comfortably seated at the table, enjoying complimentary welcome chocolate and fruit basket. To make things easier, the staff are equipped with a hand-held credit card reader so that all check-in procedure can be completed in the room.

The room was HUGE! I think it is almost half the size of our house. And there were two queen size bed, two! Even the cot bed was ready at the time we entered the room.

The bathroom is probably the size of our two bathrooms at home combined.

There are two entrance to the bathroom. 

Look at the range of toiletries provided! So complete I can't think of anything left out.

Bath tub! I could stay there whole day! Bath salt, shower gel are both provided. There is even luffa for those who wants to get rid of some dead skin! Watching TV or enjoying scenery? It is totally up to you! If you are feeling shy you can always shut the blind.

Love the idea of separate shower room equipped with both rain shower and hand held shower head. It might not mean much to an adult but Lyn and El are very uncomfortable with rain shower. This thoughtful design save us from struggle loaded shower experience.

Coffee machine at your service, and those are my favorite TWG tea!

Without even being asked, they brought two luggage stand for us. Those were the little things that count!

Now comes to my favorite part - food! Well, I know there is nothing special about hotel serving food. But continuously served free food for hotel guest? That is the first! Sooo good to be true, I simply can't believe it...

During the breakfast we were greeted by a friendly staff Sutharno, Dh was casually mentioning how great it would be if bolster is provided. Guess what, a bolster was sent to our room in the afternoon!

Lyn and El were also each given a waist pouch to keep their Kidzos after he learnt that we were going to Kidzania that afternoon.

And this is Ms Henny - a very kind young lady who took the effort to remember Lyn and El's name and getting to know them. Look at those two little ones, they simply couldn't let her go, they dragged her all the way from hotel to the plaza!

The night before we went back, Henny packed some cookies with notes for the kiddos, too bad they were too tired and sleepy to greet her goodbye. She has one of the most attractive and the friendliest smile that I have ever seen, oh I miss her already!

The price of staying at Rits Carlton may not be cheap but those excellent service with personal touch? Those are truly priceless!


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