Melt In The Mouth Pineapple Tart / Cookies 黄梨酥/黄梨塔

Melt In The Mouth Pineapple Tart / Cookies 黄梨酥/黄梨塔

Cookies are very popular during Chinese Nee Year. If you are observance, you will surely see that despite the many 'cookies competitors', pineapple cookies emerged as the most popular amongst all. Pineapple signifies 'arrival of good fortune'. With such a good omen and great taste, you can find them in almost every bakery shop when the Chinese New Year is approaching. 

I used to be the only one who loves pineapple cookies at home. This is how it works- I bought home a few containers of it, and I finished 'em off all by myself (mirror mirror on the wall, where is my waistline?? O_o) As my little girl GG growing up, she now appreciates it as much as I do. Food shared taste the best! 

Melt In The Mouth Pineapple Tart / Cookies 黄梨酥/黄梨塔

If you are a pineapple tarts lover like me, you will surely know that there few types of pineapple cookies. From the appearance, there are enclosed type,  and opened type; texture-wise, there are those melt in the mouth type, milky type, and those with slight crunch. Which type do you love most? For me, the enclosed melt in the mouth one!

Melt In The Mouth Pineapple Tart / Cookies 黄梨酥/黄梨塔
Makes 34 pieces

  • 122g butter, softened
  • 20g sugar
  • 15g powdered milk
  • 170g plain flour
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 270g pineapple filling*
  • 1 egg yolk, for egg wash
Cooking Directions
  1. Cream butter and sugar until light and pale.
  2. Add in yolk and beat until well combined.
  3. Mix in flour, knead until well combined.
  4. Divide pineapple filling to 8g each.
  5. Divide dough to 10g each
  6. Wrap a portion of pineapple filling into a portion of dough.
  7. Finish with egg wash.
  8. Bake at preheated oven at 165C for 23 mins.
* I homemade the pineapple filling by blending one de-skinned  pineapple (around 1.4 kg skin-inclusive weight) and cook until thick (I cooked for around 3 hours). I didn't add any sugar but please feel free to add as much as you desired.  If you would like to speed up the cooking process, you may separate the juice  by sifting it out (boil the juice separately as juice can evaporate fast with higher heat, when the juice thicken then add in the remaining pineapple purée and cook together with lower heat till thick) in order to save time. I did this and I managed to make the paste in 1.5 hours. Otherwise, you can remove the juice completely (just drink it!) but you will surely need to add sugar to make up the sugar loss.

1) Pineapple paste without sugar added can go spoilt easily, please try to finish the tart/cookies as soon as possible.

2) Freshly baked pineapple cookies will be crunchy, you will need to wait a day for the melt in the mouth effect.

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Best Melt In The Mouth Pineapple Tart / Cookies 黄梨酥/黄梨塔
  • 122克牛油,软化
  • 20克幼糖
  • 15克奶粉
  • 170克面粉
  • 1粒蛋黄
  • 270克菠萝/黄梨馅*
  • 1蛋黄,用来刷面

  1. 把黄油和糖打到泛白蓬松。
  2. 加入蛋黄打到混合。
  3. 拌入面粉,揉至混合。
  4. 将菠萝/黄梨馅分成每个8克。
  5. 将面团分成每个10g。
  6. 一分面团裹入一分菠萝/黄梨馅。
  7. 刷上蛋液。
  8. 在已预热烤箱里烤165℃,23分钟。
*我用自制黄梨馅-将黄梨用搅拌器搅碎,炒到收汁即可(大约3个小时)。我没有加糖,如果喜欢甜的请自行加糖。如果想要比较快煮好,可以考虑将黄梨汁分开来煮(黄梨汁可以用大火比较快煮干,干了再加入黄梨泥用小火煮到收汁)。我分开煮只用了1.5 小时就完成了。如果完全不用黄梨汁也是可以(当作果汁拿来喝),不过就一定要加糖了。

1) 切记不加糖的黄梨陷容易坏。要尽快吃完。

2) 刚烤好的黄梨酥皮是脆的,须等一天才会松软。


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