I was surprised with this chocolate cake from DG. It was bought from Ristorante Pietrasanta, a restaurant with Tuscany Style Family Restaurant concept. The restaurant imports the chocolate, straight from Italy. You can't get any more original than this.

Opening up the box, the chocolate cake was neatly set inside a aluminium tray. We will need to turn the tray over in order to get the cake out. Piece of cake, yay!

A packet of cocoa powder, for dusting.


Oops, some uneven surfaces on the cake when we tried to take it out. Well, it is okay since we are going to do some cosmetic procedure on top - applying powder; cocoa powder, of course.

Cutting it up,does this look like a cake? If it is, I would call it a super fudgy cake, because there is no flour in it, there is no egg either, just dark chocolate, cream and cocoa powder. Turns out that the best way to enjoy chocolate, is to go back to the very basic form of it, without too much addition of ingredients that confuse our taste buds.

Beautiful, isn't it? The chocolate cake melt in the mouth smoothly, with a touch of velvety finish from the cocoa powder, superbly satisfying. Without the many distractions from other ingredients, the quality of the chocolate came to the limelight. Every single bite leaves behind a smooth, mellow bitterness lingering on the palate, pure indulgence.


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