Quick and Easy 4-Ingredients Sesame Ball / Jian Dui 芝麻球/煎堆

Sesame Ball / Jian Dui 芝麻球/煎堆

Sesame ball, or jian dui is a commonly found fried pastry in Chinese dim sum restaurant. The skin of the pastry is mainly made of glutinous rice flour, which contributes to its chewy texture. If you enjoy eating muah chee, mochi, or ondeh-ondeh, you are likely to love this too.

Sesame Ball / Jian Dui 芝麻球/煎堆

As the name suggests, the pastry is shaped into sphere, and fully coated with sesame seeds, which gives a golden brown hue and tasty crunch after being deep fried. Sesame balls can be plain, or with fillings. Few commonly found fillings are lotus paste, peanuts, mung bean paste and red bean paste. Since I have half packet of lotus paste leftover from making mooncake , the choice of the filling became obvious.

This is probably the simplest recipe that you can find, only 4 ingredients (excluding the frying oil) used. By using the store-bought lotus paste as filling, these delicious balls can be ready within 30 minutes.

Sesame Ball / Jian Dui
makes 8

  • 100g glutinous rice flour
  • 85g hot water
  • 120g lotus paste/ red bean paste
  • white sesame seeds
Cooking Directions
  1. Mix flour and hot water until form a smooth dough.
  2. Divide the dough into 8 equal portions, around 23g each.
  3. Divide the lotus paste into 8 equal portions, around 15g each.
  4. Flatten dough and wrap in a portion of lotus paste.
  5. Drop the ball into sesame seeds and roll to coat well (pat the ball with some water if it doesn't stick to the sesame seeds).
  6. Deep fry the sesame balls with medium heat until golden brown.
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芝麻球/ 煎堆
  • 100克糯米粉
  • 85克热水
  • 120克莲蓉
  •  一些白芝麻
  1. 混合糯米粉和热水,揉成光滑的面团。
  2. 将面团分成8等份,每个大约23克。
  3. 划分莲蓉成8等份,每个大约15克。
  4. 面团压平,包入莲蓉。
  5. 把芝麻球裹上芝麻(可以在球的表面喷上一些水以方便裹上芝麻)。
  6. 取锅热油 (油最好能盖过芝麻球),用中火炸芝麻球至金黄色。


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