Collagen Soup / Bijin Nabe Soup Copycat 胶原蛋白汤

Collagen soup / bijin nabe copycat

Collagen is an essential building material to renew cells, it contributes to firm and elastic skin texture, hydrate skin, and improves the joint and ligament flexibility. This important protein is naturally produced by our body, but the production decrease as we age, hence the occurrence of wrinkled, saggy skin. Many people resolve to taking collagen supplement while other believes that just like any other protein, collagen breaks down in our digestive system and will not serve the purpose as we thought.

So, which theory do you subscribe to? 

Well, when it comes to the collagen soup, the theory doesn't really matter. This soup is delicious, thick in consistency and absolutely lip smacking. And maybe, just maybe, it could help you look young too!

Collagen Soup

  • 300g chicken wing sticks
  • 1 kg chicken carcass
  • 8 cups water
Cooking Directions
  1. Clean chicken thoroughly (get rid of any blood or else your soup will not be white in color).
  2. Bring some water to boil, put the chicken bones in and cook for 5 minutes. Discard water.
  3. Using a pressure cooker, bring 8 cups of water to boil, put in chicken bones.
  4. Cook for 25 minutes (using WMF pressure cooker) or around 5 hours equivalent of using normal cooker.
  5. Using a whisk (just hand powered, no need electricity), whisk the chicken bones vigorously to break the bones (skip this if not using pressure cooker).
  6. Bring the soup to boil without pressure for another 35 minutes  (skip this if not using pressure cooker).
  7. Run the soup through a sieve to get rid of any bones.
  8. Keep the soup in fridge or freezer. It will turn into a jelly-like texture.
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  • 300克鸡翅棒
  • 1公斤鸡骨头
  • 8杯水

  1. 彻底把鸡洗干净(洗掉任何的血液,否则汤不会是白色的)。
  2. 把一些水烧开,把鸡骨头和鸡翅放入水里,煮5分钟。弃水。
  3. 用高压锅,把8杯的水烧开,放入鸡骨头。
  4. 煮25分钟(使用WMF高压锅)或相当于使用普通煮法5个小时左右。
  5. 用打蛋器(不须电动),把鸡骨头大力搅拌(如果没有用高压锅请跳过这个步骤)。
  6. 再把汤大火煮滚35分钟(如果没有用高压锅请跳过这个步骤)。
  7. 通过筛,去掉骨头。
  8. 把汤收入冰箱。它会变成果冻般的质感。


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