Rommelsbacher Travel Cooker Review

Are you traveling with young toddler and worrying about over feeding them outside food? Or are you traveling to a country which you know for sure you would not enjoy the style of food there? Fret not, with this travel cooker, you can cook simple meals everywhere (as long as you can find power point).

Surely, I sounds as if I am advertising for them, right? But too bad, this is not a sponsored product, just a piece of new toy that I really love. It is dual voltage (115/230V), it is compact, and most importanly, efficient.

I had been eyeing for a reliable travel cooker, because I want to cook for my little ones when traveling. There were a few other brands that had been under my consideration, which are way cheaper. However, judging from the appearance of the product, some are already full of scratches even though brand new, and some with the coating looks like at the brim of falling off. So, the choice is pretty obvious, what make me took so long to buy is only the price factor - SGD179.

My first testing of the product didn't go well, I didn't read the manual before using. So, according to the manual, I am supposed to heat up the heating plate by turning on the heat on maximum, without putting any pots on top. This is to ensure a better protection to the coating of the hot plate. I didn't do it, a painful lesson learnt, the coating came off a little. 

Still, after much heart pain and cold sweat, I was relieved that the cooker still works very well, it took me 7-8 minutes to heat up almost full pot of water.

I bought this from Isetan, Singapore. I saw it selling at CK Tang too. Hope this little review helps you!

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