Kim's Family Restaurant

The weather was good this morning, the sky was partially cloudy but it was not raining. A good day for hiking up the Bukit Timah Hill.

After getting all sweaty and hungry, someone craved for Korean Food. There we go, Kim's Family Restaurant, which is located around 15 minutes walk from the foothill.

Side dishes are free and can be replenished. They gave a generous 12 different types of side dishes.

I personally like the bean sprout most.

The bean paste soup that came with the set meal.

Sam Gae Tang (ginseng chicken soup). Unlike those with glutinous rice stuffed inside a whole chicken, this chicken is already broken apart. 

Bulgogi beef served on the sizzling hot plate.

Lastly, free oranges and cinnamon tea from the restaurant. The cinnamon tea is very strong and sweet. Took me a while to get use to it.

Overall, we are satisfied.


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