Ming Jia Korean Food

What is the best to have during a cold and rainy day? 

For me, this one, a bowl of slightly spicy and piping hot Kimchi soup! Guarantee to make me sweat after eating it. I tend to order this dish everytime I visited Ming Jia, be it a hot day or a cold day. The taste of this soup was just right, sour enough for me, but a tad salty. On some days, it was saltier than usual. 

Just like the economy rice stall, they also offer cooked dishes for diners to choose. This set came with a complementary seaweed soup. I like their omelette roll, very colorful and attractive looking. Not only my taste buds, my eyes were also enjoying it. 

Was it just me or anyone else find kimchi pancake ($9) expensive? Just Kimchi and pancake mix right? Now I am staring at the ingredients and thinking of making it myself.

The fail-safe ramyon ($5.5), something that can't go wrong no matter where you order it. Especially that they added ingredients like kimchi and egg, to make it more nutritious, and less 'instant'.

They have their menu pasted all over the front stall. Days by days, I can see the pictures increasing in numbers. Can you still spot the aunties behind preparing food?

We had been visiting them since they first opened. They used to be this small. I still remember myself squeezing at the corner enjoying a bowl of hot kimchi soup.

And they have expanded, more seatings here, just right in front of the original shop. They even provide high chairs for those with little ones. 

#B1-07, Bukit Timah Plaza,
1 Jalan Anak Bukit


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