Curry Times

We spotted this new concept restaurant when we were on our way to GEM from Westgate. The front door of the restaurant was filled with queue. In Singapore, having a queue almost always means good stuff awaits (ahoy kiasu spirit!), so we decided to give it a try. 

Curry Times

The setting of the place invokes the nostalgic feeling of Singapore in 1960s era. With bird cages hanging down from the ceiling, waitresses dressing up in samfoo, the olden Chinese design of the kitchen cutleries, and even the free old school snacks given, we felt that we have travelled back in time to the good old days.

Curry Times

These were the old school snacks that I was talking about. Placed in a container at the cashier, diners are free to help themselves with the snacks.

Curry Times

Behold, my childhood favorite ! I had always enjoyed biting off the colorful sugar topping. The biscuits? Ahem... given to whoever wanted it.

Oh our honey aloe vera was really sweet!

So what is it so special about their curry? Apparently there is no coconut milk, and more healthy!

Sometimes, I had laksa so thick that it almost tasted like curry. I thought this dry laksa goreng ($7.9) would taste similar but it was actually more fragrant with the ample laksa leaves drizzled on top. With their 'healthier' claim, it worked for me and made me feel less guilty of having this laksa.

Curry Times Dry Laksa Goreng

Their recommended dish - curry fish head ($28.9). The curry was fragrant, a tad too salty but overall was good. There were lady's fingers, eggplants, carrots and tomatoes. Unlike some fish head dishes which all you could see are fish heads and bones, this one surprised us with huge chunks of meat.

Curry Times Curry Fish Head

And guess what, this curry themed restaurant belongs to our home grown brand Old Chang Kee! 

3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532


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