Cheng's Seafood Village

There isn't many farms in Singapore, not to mention animal farm. So, when we saw some interesting pictures taken at Farmart featuring animal feeding session and farm touring session, we got really excited and decided to make our way there during one of the weekends.

It was a rainy day, the smell of the food made us feel really hungry, so we decided to settle our stomachs first at Cheng's Seafood Village, located right inside the Farmart.

Sambal Mussels ($10/$15)
They ran out of mussels, so this was actually sambal lala, at the same price. Actually, I have tried sambal lala that was much better than this. The presentation of this one was ok, but the taste somehow lack the kick.

Signature Deep fried beancurd ($10/$15)
Although I am not sure if this was freshly made or taken from frozen package but it doesn't really matter... because it was so addictive! The beancurd were fried evenly without being too hard or oily, while the inside part still soft to the bite. It was the best dish I had for this lunch. They got wiped out within minutes.

Seaweed soup ($5/$8)
The soup was decent, the typical taste of seaweed soup but with a lot of seafood inside. I almost mistaken it as seafood soup instead.

Cuttlefish rojak
This seems to be a popular dish here as I saw many people ordering it. I was really excited to see slices of cuttlefish lying on top of the rojak! Not the conventional rojak you found in the coffeeshop, right? There were even fresh cuttlefish hiding beneath the dried one. The cuttlefish lover at the table couldn't stop eating it, the sauce was licked clean.

Homemade lime juice ($2) and homemade barley ($1.5)
Our creative juice came out and we took a third cup, to make lemon barley drink by mixing these two! Of course, we were no expert in this and made a mess on the table, haha!


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