One of us had an ulcer on the tongue, one of us yearned for light meal. All right, fried stuff we consume not, healthy meals we should have.

Salmon nabe set (RM16), does it look healthy enough?

Salmon nabe set

A close up look of the bowl full of vegetables and salmon.

Salmon nabe

They offered seafood zousui (RM11.5) and kimuchi zousui, we chose the non-spicy one. In case you are not aware, zousui means porridge in Nihongo (Japanese language)

seafood zousui

Chuka wakame (RM4) with sesame seeds. Love the texture of the seaweed!

Chuka wakame

This egg may not win a beauty egg contest but it tasted good!


The entrance to Dontaku was lined up with bamboo on your sides.


Hello pandas, are you there?


Can you read those words? I spotted 'meat', 'crab', vegetables', 'fish', 'tea'... What else can you read?


Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square (near Sakae Sushi) 
108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook


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