Ya Kun Kaya Toast

It was a weekend morning and we decided to have our breakfast at the newly opened Ya Kun Family Cafe at West Mall. While other shops were still closed, this restaurant was already filled with queue.

Ya Kun Family Cafe

Their kaya toast with butter set ($4.6) comes with 2 pieces of kaya toast, 2 half-boiled eggs and a cup of milk tea. Each slices of bread was sliced at the middle to two with kaya spread and slices of butter in between.  The toasts crumbled so easily that we left crumbs all over the table (messy food always taste better!). However, it was not as crunchy as I would have expected.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast with Butter

The half-boiled egg was runny. I like to add a dash of pepper and generous amount of dark soy sauce to the egg before mixing them together and gulped down immediately! Just in case you are wondering, no, the amount of dark soy sauce in this picture does not depict the actual amount of what I have added in. More was added right after this picture was taken!

Half Boiled Egg

The gravy for mee rebus ($4.8) has a rich peanut taste. It was quite starchy at first, and then became diluted as it getting cold. We may not come back for their mee rebus I think.

Mee Rebus

These were cold silky barley ($2.5) and hot milk tea. Do you notice the white color flakes in the barley drink? Those were Fu Chok, or dried bean curd (the type that is thin and crumbles easily, meant for sweet dessert), it added a velvety and silky texture to the barley drink!

Cold Silky Barley and Hot Milk Tea

Unlike other Ya Kun Kaya Toast, this Ya Kun Kaya Family Cafe serves more variety of food. It will certainly become one of my favorite weekend breakfast spots!


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