Wedding banquet @ Capella Hotel

This was the most interesting wedding banquet I had ever attended. Take a look at the invitation card, we were supposed to dress up in iconic Bond fashion!

Mission accepted. So there I was, dressing in Bond Girl attire with a flat and my ankle bandaged up ( for those of you who follow my blog, you realise that I had just sprained my ankle). 

This is a cross culture wedding, the bride is of Chinese origin and the groom is an Ang Mo. They must love James Bond movie so much that their wedding photos, entrance songs played were of James Bond theme too.

After bride and groom marched into the hall with their 'bodyguards' all dressed up in suits and sunglasses, very much like those CIA agents, there came our dinner. It was a sit-down dinner with western food served. 

The appetizer was caprese salad with mozzarella, fresh basil and kalamata olives. 

The soup was lobster bisque with homemade ricotta and lemon ravioli. The taste was rather light for lobster bisque.

My main course was oven baked sesame glazed red snapper served with vegetables, finocchi salad and citrus butter sauce. The sauce was creamy but the fish was a tad overcooked.

Another choice of main course was oven baked roasted beef tenderloin served with sautéed mushroom, truffle potato mousseline and cipollini onion natural jus. The beef was medium well done, tender enough to my liking. What impressed me most was the truffle potato mousseline. The truffle very much spiced up the otherwise boring mashed potato.

Coming next was potpourri of Asian spices fruit soup with passion fruit sorbet. It was a refreshing dessert, not too sweet and pleasant to the eyes!

Often time the wedding cakes that you saw the newly wedded cutting were actually fake. This couple bought a real cake! At least this piece in front of me was real, yummy!

After the cake was served, bride and groom presented a dance and hey, dance floor was opened! As for me, I shall remain seated and enjoy my cake...

Mission accomplished.


  1. Wow! This banquet hall seems to be very large and beautiful. It’s my dream to book this type of Wedding venues Chicago, but I am from middle class family. What to do? How to book this kind of wedding venues at sensible costs?

    1. It was indeed a splendid wedding. Am sorry I have no tips for that too.


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