Rasapura Masters

Given a choice, which color of Lamborghini will you drive? Between the yellow and black, we chose black!

Of course, this Lamborghini  does not belong to us, we won a 15 minute driving experience along the F1 circuit from The Ultimate Drive. For more details of the driving experience, you may refer to this post

After the thrill and fun it was time for lunch. The concensus was - foodcourt, which offers more variety of food. The foodcourt at Marina Bay Sands is Rasapura Masters, featuring many award-winning and restaurant quality food.

Rasapura Masters

This is Signature Spare & Pork Ribs Combo Soup ($8) from Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh . We frequented their restaurant at Rangoon Road but this is the first time we tried their food at this food court. It used to be a family-run business, subsequently bought over by Jumbo group and was expanded to the current size. I took a sip of the soup and yes, it was as intense as you can get from their main shop. They are well known for their strong peppery soup base which entice many diners to return. The pork ribs were well cooked but still retaining the firm texture. We dipped the pork ribs in dark soy sauce with chilli. Another dish frequently accompanies the soup was you tiao ($2.5). This was an average you tiao, no longer crispy and nothing to rave about. 

Signature Spare & Pork Ribs Combo Soup

This Mee Siam ($4.8) was from Pondok, which is managed by Lau Di Fang. Pondok specialises in Malay Food, nasi padang especially. This mee siam looks really appetizing, I started to feel hungry already while staring at its picture. It was ordered by a friend hence I didn't get to try it.

Mee Siam

Lastly, Thai Green Curry with Chicken Set ($16) from Bannok Thai. The set comes with a bowl of green curry chicken, stir-fried vege, rice, and sweet tapioca served with salty coconut cream.

Thai Green Curry with Chicken Set

Was it just me or does anyone else finding it unconventional to have broccoli and cauliflower in green curry too? D24durian thinks that this green curry tasted like sayur lodeh, an Indonesian delicacy!

Thai Green Curry with Chicken

Quite some of the vegetables had turned yellow. Frankly speaking, this stir-fried vege doesn't look appealing at all. Somehow, the sweet broth saved the dish, and the tomatoes added a sour twist to the broth making it appeals to my palate (I have a weakness for sour food).

The sweet tapioca was decent. Tapioca was cooked in sugar syrup until caramelized and drizzled with coconut cream. It was quite a filling dessert though.

Sweet Tapioca with Coconut Cream

The food selling at this food court is at a totally different price range compared to those from your neighbourhood food court. However, given the location, the price isn't considered unreasonable too!


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