Athithi Garden

We had passed by this restaurant many times but had yet to try it. Today we decided to give it a go. This is a two-storey restaurant, there are outdoor seats at the first floor and air-conditioned dining area on the second floor. The view on the first floor wasn't fantastic, so we decided on indoor.

Athithi Garden

Mango lassi ($3.8) is a drink that we always order whenever we go for Indian restaurant. It is a blend of mango, milk and yoghurt. One cup is never enough! Beware that it is usually a very sweet drink, sending your blood sugar sky high.

Mango Lassi

This was a big piece of garlic naan ($2.5) being cut into two. It was fragrant and chewy in texture. I usually have it with gravy from the dishes but I can even eat it plain!

Garlic Naan

The south Indian meal - veg ($5.8) comes with many small dishes. From left are soup, yoghurt, curry, vege, beetroot and dessert, served with a piece of crispy papadum. Indians use a wide variety of spices in their dishes, the food are often on the stronger taste side too.

South Indian Meal - veg

Chapatti set ($4.5), it comes with Channa Masala and some tomatoes and pickled onion. Chapatti, a flat, unleavened bread, is also a staple for the Indians. It tastes rather bland and I would prefer to spread some gravy or meat on top and roll them up.


The half Tandoori Chicken ($10.50) that we ordered looks very charred. The marination was fine but some parts of chicken were really hard and dry. I habitually picked out all the charred part and it took quite a while for this dish.

Tandoori Chicken

Once a friend taught me how to hold the food with hand, in a proper way (yes, there is a technique apparently!). Did I pass?

Overall, the dishes was decent (except the charred part). I will probably come back again but will try some other dishes instead.


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