My Love Affair with Love Confectionery

I used to work at Comtech. Because of its location (back then, the Mapletree Business City was still under construction), it was not such a pleasant place to work at. Food choice was very limited, so we often travelled out for lunch with the shuttle bus provided.

Working hour... was long. Back then, I often OT. Waking up before the sun rise, and going back after sunset was actually rather depressing. It was only during lunch time - when we ventured out the office, when we were greeted by the sunlight, that was the time we can truly feel 'alive'!

When all of these had turned into memories, my 'love affair' with Love Confectionery is surely a long lasting one. 

Located opposite Alexandra Food Village (one of my favorite lunch place), this is a old-school bakery. You will not find fancy breads or cakes here, at first glance, you probably won't even get attracted to it. If not because a kind soul offered me one of these cakes during a lonely OT night, I would have missed those gems too.

These peanut cakes are my favorite. The peanuts were ground until fine and soft, and the cake was awesomely fluffy and cottony. Probably because it is so light and the cream is not very sweet, eating these do not make me feel guilty at all.

If you are keen to lay your hand on one of these, do make sure you get there before 1:30pm. Otherwise, their peanut cakes are most likely sold out.

Love Confectionery
HDB Bukit Merah #01-60
122 Bukit Merah Lane 1 
Singapore 150122

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